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HTML5 Web Design

HTML5 is the today's model of Hypertext Markup Language, the code that describes internet pages. It's truly 3 sorts of code: HTML, which gives the structure; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which cope with presentation; and JavaScript, which makes matters happen.


One of the cool things about HTML 5 is that it was designed for not just desktop computers but mobile devices as well. Any page created in HTML5 is compatible with both computers and mobile devices. In other words, we can configure the mobile spec from the HTML document itself. This is probably the most useful feature of the HTML5 language as it allows users to access any webpage or application from a mobile device as easily as they do from theirs Computer off.




HTML5 was designed to do almost anything you could want to do online without the need for additional software like browser plug-ins.


It does everything from animation to apps to music and movies and can also be used to create incredibly complicated apps that will run in your browser.

There is more. HTML5 is not proprietary, so you don't have to pay additional license fees. It's also cross-platform, which means you don't care whether you're using a tablet or smartphone, netbook, laptop, or ultrabook. or a Smart TV - if your browser supports HTML5 it should work fine. It's inevitably a little more complicated. More on that in a moment.

¿What does HTML5 Do?

We have come a long way since HTML could barely handle a simple page layout. HTML5 can be used to write web applications that work without being connected to the network, to tell websites where you physically are, to handle high-resolution video, and to provide exceptional graphics.

¿Your Web

need HMTL5?

All legitimate browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, Mobile Safari and the Android browser) support HTML5, but not all support the same thing. Firefox generally supports the widest range of HTML5 features, followed by Chrome and Safari, but like I said, HTML5 is an evolving standard and the latest versions of each browser more than cover the basics.



The main virtues of HTML5 compared to its predecessor (HTML4) is that we can add multimedia content without using Flash or any other multimedia player to which the drag-and-drop functionality as well as online editing of Document was added that has become known by Google. Documents.



With the <video> and <audio> HTML5 tags we can add multimedia elements without using Adobe Flash or other third party plugins. All of the action is done through the browser itself which can help reduce the file size of the final version e.g. product presentation videos, video reviews, podcasts, music samples, etc. Adding these two tags extends the use of HTML 5.


We can also add your videos to Upload third party websites like Vimeo or Youtube and embed them in your new website. This is one of the most preferred options as it doesn't affect the final size of your file despite the placement of multimedia elements.


Geolocation enables the site to know the location of every user who enters the website. This can have several purposes such as offering language options based on the user's location, improving the user experience, a feature that requires the user's consent as it may compromise their privacy, so this option cannot be activated if the User does not approve it.


One of the main features of HTML5 application development is that the end result is fully accessible, meaning that you can access this application from a computer, tablet or mobile phone using the specific URL, which is not the case with a mobile application. Most web applications run from the cloud. A common example is email clients like Gmail, which also have a mobile application.


We can finally build anything you can imagine for your website with this programming language!

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